Welcome to Shania

 A healthy and balanced skin is always beautiful.

At Shania, we emphasize the natural abilities of achieving balance in our skin through our treatments as well as our home-care advice.  We will provide you with a simple, effective treatment plan that will help you say "Good Bye" to the jungle of jars and bottles you have at home.

The products we use are paraben free and free from ingredients with petrochemical origin (mineral oil, paraffin, petroleum, etc. ) 

Our clients include
  • Youth

    We provide young people with advice and help with their acne blemished skin.  We give guidance in make-up selection and application, as well as sugaring of body hair.  We will be offering courses in building self-confidence and natural leadership skills 

  • Adults

    Many adults come to us to diminish the effects of aging on the skin.  We specialize in providing advice, products, and treatments with the active adult in mind.   Adults enjoy escaping from the pressures of their day to receive relaxing treatment from the caring hands at Shania 

  • Seniors

    Many seniors find it difficult to care for themselves as they get older and the most popular treatment among seniors at Shania is a pedicure.  Facials and manicures are also very popular with our senior clients.   

Our gift to you:  

  • "7 Tips That Will Save Your Skin"
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