Pedicures and manicures

Pedicure is a very popular treatment at Shania.  

In the pedicure treatment, we start by soaking your feet in a scented bath. We clip your nails and treat your cuticles. We carefully remove all calluses and smooth your feet until they are soft. If your nails are healthy, we offer an optional polish. The treatment ends in a relaxing foot massage.
You should reserve from 60 to 90 minutes for this treatment – time will vary depending on the condition of your feet.


·         60 min Pedicure - 50€

·         75 min Pedicure - 60€

·         90 min Pedicure - 70€


As we age, it can become difficult to properly care for our feet. Sometimes just clipping the toenails is enough.  If your nails are too long it can alter the way you walk and make walking uncomfortable, it can even tear your socks. A simple toenail clipping and cuticle treatment takes about 25 min. at a cost of 20€. 


We offer a special Spa pedicure for those clients who really want to pamper their feet. Spa pedicure has the same elements as the basic pedicure but we add a peeling and moisturizing mask of your legs. The treatment lasts approximately 90 min. at a cost of 80€.  


Reflexology is a new treatment that we offer at Shania.  In this therapy/treatment we stimulate the reflexology points in your feet utilizing a special massage technique.  The treatment lasts approximately 60 min. at a cost of 50€


We also offer a very enduring special polish treatment for your toenails, a mixture of a polish and gel. Special polishing of the toenails can be done separately or together with our basic pedicure treatment (with pedicure package 80€ ) or separately for 55€.



We start with a gentle peeling of your hands followed by filing and forming your nails along with treating your cuticles. We offer an optional polish for your nails and end the treatment with a relaxing massage of your hands and forearms. The treatment lasts approximately 45 min. at a cost of 45€.


Gel polish for your fingernails is a good alternative to traditional polish.  We use a polish that cures under special LED light.  The gel polish will remain bright and vibrant for up to 21 days without chipping. Treatment time is 45 min at a cost of 50 €. 



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